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Our Story

A cafe for you and your little one

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Our Story of the Beginning of The Pea Pod

Once upon a time, a young woman named Kimberly took on the most challenging, exciting and rewarding role – motherhood.
Alongside all the love and joy, she was confronted by a loss of identity and purpose that left her anxious and overwhelmed.

Determined to carve out a new version of herself, as a mummy and more, Kimberly combined her knowledge of waitressing, teaching experience and love of motherhood to create the safe, fun and inspiring community that she desired for herself and her daughter.
This is how our story began and how The Pea Pod cafe was born.

Kimberly invites parents into the relaxed, open, fun oasis of The Pea Pod. A place where children are entertained and a place where parents can be completely themselves.

We know that parents wear many hats, which is why at The Pea Pod our ethos is about not just children having fun, but parents too. The Pea Pod is a place where parents can relax and have fun with their children and engage in activities and events that celebrate their individual needs and wants. From thought-provoking talks and hands-on workshops to coffee chats and evening events…

The Pea Pod is a place for parents to play too.

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The Pea Pod Story
The Pea Pod Story

The History of the Owner

Hello, I am Kimberly, owner of The Pea Pod. I was born in Newport Beach, California, and I moved to the UK in September of 2014. I was a primary school teacher for 11 years. I have a teaching certificate in years Reception through to Year 6. It was an extremely rewarding role and one that I miss dearly. I now live in Arundel with my husband Mark and our 21-month-old, Everly.

When I became Everly’s mum, I struggled a lot more than I expected, especially adapting to this new lifestyle. I was juggling being a mum whilst also trying to be myself and keep to my passions of teaching and taking care of myself physically and mentally!
From first-hand experience, I know that parenting is challenging (even with just one). Every moment isn’t filled with giggles and cuddles. Whether you are a mum, dad, take on both roles, first child, fourth child… It is hard work with the daily needs, comparisons, advice, and the list goes on.

This is where my ideas started flowing as I found that there weren’t many welcoming atmospheres for parents with young children.

I decided to make The Pea Pod a welcoming place in the local community for learning and support in various areas for all who are interested.